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BEST iPhone Cover

I bought AIRCASE and this is by far the BEST iPhone casing I ever got. If you are reading my comment, I do not know how to convince you in getting one BUT I really really urge you to give it a try. ☺️

Love it!

I love the design. Prints will be even better if the colors are brighter! but thanks a lot guys for the pretty packaging!

Excellent Case and Design

Love from Sydney! but i love Italy too!

Not Bad

great quality. price point is average. i hope it comes with different print designs.

Great material

Great material! firm and durable feel. just wished that it can be even more transparent than the current tinge of translucent. But overall its a high quality one!

The Perfect Case

Just got this case delivered to me and I'm liking it a lot, the thinness, lightweight and the high quality material of it is definitely worth. As a minimalist and apple fanatic who loves the full apple experience, I really enjoy this case which shows it all off.

My Fav City

My top fav city in USA! The case is excellent!

My country

I am living here in Singapore for the past 3 years. Beautiful city and lovely people. But of course i still miss my home country alot! Looking forward to go back after the COVID situation. Cheers and stay safe everyone!

Try out

First purchase. Received and the packaging is nice and neat. They have stickers too inside the box. I am gonna use the case soon!

Great Protective Edges

The printing is nicely done. Suits my iPhone 11promax silver. The protective features on the sides and edges looks perfect! Recommended!

Beautiful artwork

Love the artwork! Prints looks good too on actual case. Delivery was prompt too!

Beautiful Case

Thank you. It is a very pretty design even though it is simple. Love it!

Love both dogs and cats

Love dogs so much. This has to be the case for me! thanks and will come back again for the kittens!

Friend referred

Bought it with a gift voucher from a friend in Singapore. The store delivered it to Melbourne in 3 weeks. Waited quite a while, but the case is great! The wait is worthwhile! Simple and elegant prints!

Cute design

A very cute design and never seen it before on other websites. Thought of giving it a try and it didn't disappoint!


Loves mother nature, so this case is perfect! Great purchase!

Make Today Magical

Love the wordings. this quote is perfect!

Looks good and neat

Great case with great material. Will try the Aircase next time probably.


!Perfect. love the thinness. but not sure if i can use it beyond 6 months with my frequent drops. :p anyway thanks TodayCase!

Review for Aircase

received in great condition. case is as described! will review again.

New company but great prints

I have a Dalmatian so this case is the perfect choice! First time visiting this site. And i bought the case on my 2nd visit. So far so good. All is legit and they seems to be a great team.

Greens are my fav

Beautiful design and prints. Packaging is great too and service is fast. Thank you. The contrast looks very well with my 11 Pro Max midnight green.


I love my new case! its pretty and the design suits me when travelling. Quality is good and i am sure it can protect the phone from my frequent drops.. hahha... thanks again guys! keep it up!

Pretty hair

Simply bought it because thats my hairstyle. haha! its a great case though! Love it and using it now.

Thank you

Thank you. great case and design! speedy service. beautiful packaging too! Will come back for the SG Edition. Cheers!