Welcome to TodayCase™

A Perfect Mix of Simplicity and Style
Our Story

After almost 2 years in the making, we hit the START button.

What started as a simple idea--to make your Instagram photos into custom phone cases--has now turned into the ultimate case maker for everyone with self-expression at our core from the start.

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Our Concepts


We're big believers in self-expression, so we wanted to embody just that for the dreamers and playmakers who settle for nothing less than the best for their phone cases!

We were founded on the idea that more isn’t better. Excess is seldom tasteful. To be minimalist is to be thoughtful.

Our Efforts

Through combining thoughtful design with high quality materials, our products embody our relentless effort to distill complexity into simplicity, to meld beautiful form and smart functionality.


I love Todaycase's cases and their customer service. They are fantastic! Thumbs up!

Elise Stein

This is my third purchase with them! High quality cases with beautiful prints!

Jason Kirby
Our Mission

We believe mobile phones formed a key part in everyone's life. Therefore, we want to make it a mission that TodayCase™ produces phone cases that will instill vibrant colors, and beautiful memories into your daily lifestyle.

Our Vision

TodayCase™ aims to be the TOP 10 most loved mobile phone case manufacturer on social media platforms by 2025. Designing and creating have grow so much in us, it has become our vision to setup chain stores in Southeast Asia and Australia in the next five years.

Our Synergy

Beautiful and elegant TodayCase™ products are born out of marvelous teamwork. Creative imagery and design inspiration often comes from great synergy!

Don't blink. We've still got a few things up our sleeves that we think you're going to love. Stay tuned!

Our Commitment

From products to service and everything in between, we promise to be the best we can be. That’s our commitment to you.